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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Android or iOS?

I have been wondering which is the best Operating System or Device that I may use.... hmmmmmm??? A good question... 

People have been fascinated with things about the Iphone and Ipads now a days. They say Apple Products are the best. "We have Itunes, App Store and Even Icloud and SIRI"

But wait here comes Android with a wide variety of versions

So again which one do we need to have?

Let us put it this way if you want an Android OS / Device here are some of the things to know:

1. Android OS is open source meaning if you know how to modify or do programs you may and you can modify the OS as you wish

2. You can do multitasking in Android similar on how you multitask in Personal Computers.

3. Adobe Flash support it. So you can browse the web "totally" unlike iOS you need to have a custom Apps for it.

4. Handsets and Tablets lots of it...

5. Free Apps on Android Market

Now how about iOS for Apple Products?

1.iCloud, PC-Free/Wireless Sync, you may sync files and data and sync it to other apple device.

2. iMessage as long as your your friend or family uses a Apple device with iOS 5 you can send message to them via Wi-Fi or 3G network for free as well as photos, videos, location and contacts

3. Wide and lots of Application in the AppStore

4. no longer need to plug the device to pc. you can do it with the WiFi to back up or sync

5. you can set up the device without connecting the device to a MAC or PC

So again here comes the Question which is the Best one?
For me I think it depends on the user's need, for me I am planning to buy an Iphone but again Android give me a second thought.  Hopefully I can decide well as you...Thanks